2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha’s odd-looking Niken three-wheeler, Kawasaki’s Z900RS and the new Honda Gold Wing may be grabbing all the headlines so far at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, but there’s plenty more being unveiled. 

There are always plenty of weird and wonderful concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show, and this year is no different.


The artificial intelligence argument rages on, but Yamaha clearly think it’s a good thing, as they’ve developed this prototype bike featuring AI, which ‘explores creating new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with the machine’. Apparently the bike is able to recognise and interact with the owner. It’s powered by a rear wheel hub electric motor. Looks bonkers.


Honda Riding Assist-e

We’ve already seen this bike, or rather, the technology, a couple of times, but this is the first time it’s been seen in the flesh. In case you’ve missed it, Honda’s Riding Assist technology basically keeps the bike balanced using technology from Honda’s robotics division. So you can ride along at walking pace without wobbling everywhere. Honda first showed it on a bike based on the NC750, but this latest version is electric.

Yamaha Motobot

Another future concept we’ve seen before. The Motobot is Yamaha’s autonomous riding robot. Yamaha say the goals for 2017 were to reach a top speed of 200kmh, and challenge Valentino Rossi in a battle of lap times. The lessons learnt from the Motobot project will be used in other areas for the company.

If you’re curious about just how fast Motobot is, it rode against Valentino Rossi at Thunderhill Raceway earlier this year, and was about 32 seconds slower. Not bad for a robot, I guess.

Honda PCX Electric

Sure, scooters aren’t especially exciting, but the future of mass transport is, for me at least. Honda’s PCX125 is a great little scooter, and one of the UK’s best-selling two wheelers. This concept is an electric PCX, as you might have guessed. It’s powered by a high output motor developed by Honda and also features a detachable mobile battery pack. It’s due to go on sale in Asia and Japan next year.

Honda PCX Hybrid

If you’re not quite ready to go completely electric Honda also unveiled a hybrid PCX, which uses a high-output battery and ACG starter to assist the conventional engine. This one’s also due to go on sale in Asia next year.

Honda Monkey 125

It wouldn’t be a proper Tokyo Motor Show without a new Monkey from Honda. There’s very little information available for the Monkey, but we do know it has an LED headlight and digital clocks. Hopefully it makes it to production.

Yamaha Cross Hub

The Tokyo Motor Show is primarily a car event, so Yamaha took the opportunity to show their Cross Hub concept vehicle, which uses an odd diamond-shaped seating layout. The best bit? You can fit a full-sized motorbike in the flat bed at the back.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer