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Here are five things you need to know about Bridgestone's homologated race tyre...

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1. The new Bridgestone Battlax R11 is a race tyre. Although they’re street legal, they are homologated for racing and the new R11 tyres need heat in them to work at their best, therefore they aren’t recommended for the road. Tyre warmers are advisable for the track, but they were not essential when we tested them in Spain last year. The ideal operating temperature is between 70-80 degrees.

2. The Japanese-made R11 replaces the now old R10, which was last updated in 2012. The R11 is available in two compounds; soft and medium. This means the new R11 goes up against Pirelli’s SC1 and SC2, as used in the British Superstock, Michelin’s Power Race and Dunlop’s D213 GP Pro.

3. To create the R11, Bridgestone have used their experience and knowledge gained in the ‘highest level of racing’ – or MotoGP to me and you. They’ve also more recently worked closely with an officially supported Endurance World Championship (EWC) team, which gives them important feedback as the EWC tyres have to work in a huge array of temperatures and conditions.

4. Bridgestone have obviously been aware of the increase in sporty, small capacity bikes, more noticeably the exciting SSP 300 class and now cater for their track demands with smaller tyre sizes. The R11 is available in: Front 110/70 x 17 Rear 140/70 x 17 and 150/60 x 17 160/60X17. The old R10 wasn’t available in small sizes.

5. In back-to-back testing against the now old Bridgestone R10, the R11 went 1.5 seconds faster on a two minute track.  

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Sizes: The Battlax R11s are £270 for a pair

● 120/70 R17 M/C 58V

● 160/60 R17 M/C 69V

● 180/55 R17 M/C 73V

● 190/55 R17 M/C 75V

● 200/55 R17 M/C 78V

● 110/70 R17 M/C 54H

● 140/70 R17 M/C 66H

● 150/60 R17 M/C 66H

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