Excelsior-Henderson brand up for auction

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The entire historic brand of Excelsior-Henderson is set to go up for auction at the Mecum auction in Las Vegas on January 27, 2018.

Excelsior-Henderson was a big American motorcycle manufacturer, on a par with Harley-Davidson and Indian in the early 20th century. The owners decided to kill the brand in 1931 when the Great Depression hit in favour of producing bicycles.


Excelsior-Henderson bikes were the largest and fastest of the time, favoured by Police due to their speed advantage.

The company made a brief return in 1993 when Dan Hanlon bought the rights to the name, but fewer than 2000 1386cc v-twin Super-X models were built before the company folded again in 2000 due to financial issues.

The auction will include everything under the Excelsior-Henderson name, such as web domains, trademarks, motorcycle designs and expired patents.

Also up for auction

There’s a huge array of motorcycles up for auction alongside the Excelsior-Henderson brand, some of which are really interesting.

There is a 1980 Kawasaki SPCNS Mystery Ship – number five of the 10 built and probably the coolest looking motorcycle ever. Sticking with Kawasaki there’s also a 1970 H1 which is sure to be popular.

As you’d expect there are lots of classic American machines, such as this 1941 Harley-Davidson WL 45, and this 1950 Indian Roadmaster. There’s also a weird 1964 DKW Hummel 115 up for grabs and of course, a Captain America replica.

For more information visit: www.mecum.com


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