6 crazy Vespa concepts

Jennings Harley-Davidson, a dealership with shops in both Leeds and Gateshead, must also be fans of the Iconic scooter brand Vespa as they’ve designed six absolutely bonkers Vespa concepts.


Have you ever wondered what an off-road Vespa would look like? How about a Vespa chopper? Don’t worry, because Jennings have, and they’ve put pen to paper, or pixel to pixel, to show you what they think such bikes could look like.

Vespa chopper

Being a Harley-Davidson dealer it’s no surprise to see a raked out Vespa among the designs. Looks surprisingly cool with the ape hanger bars and sissy bar. It looks like you could fit at least three people on that seat, though!

The Vespa-busa

This Vespa clearly takes inspiration from the Suzuki Hayabusa and as a result looks a little odd. I’m guessing the underseat storage has disappeared to make way for performance, which is a shame.

Vespa tourer

Somehow this works – and just bet how comfy it would be! Big tourers like the Street Glide and scooters offer the best weather protection, so surely a hybrid of the two will keep even more of the wind and rain off the rider! Those panniers look huge!

The dirty Vespa

Off-road bikes and Vespas really are from completely different ends of the spectrum, and it’s a tale of two halves with this concept. Aside from the long-travel forks and 21-inch front wheel shod with an off-road tyre, the front of this design is your pretty standard Vespa bodywork, minus the headlight. The back meanwhile is super aggressive and angular and ditches the traditional side mounted spare wheel you get with some Vespas.

Vespa cafe racer

Now this I like! Forget the fact the cylinders are exactly where your feet and legs would go, it looks amazing! This needs to happen.

Vespa light cycle

The Tron light cycles are iconic. Vespa scooters are iconic. So why not combine the two? The classic, swoopy lines of the Vespa actually work really well with the sleek light cycle design. It doesn’t look particularly comfy and there’s no underseat storage we can see, which is a shame.

All images courtesy of Jennings Harley-Davidson.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer