Mutt Motorcycles customise this Harley Iron 883

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Mutt Motorcycles are best known for their range of trendy Chinese-made custom bikes, but now they have branched into big bikes with this, their take on Harley-Davidson’s Iron 883.

As well as importing ready-made custom bikes, the Birmingham-based firm have their own Special Operations unit, which were tasked to show what they can do with bigger bikes. The results are impressive – and this bike is the first of a wave of Mutt-built Harleys.

“We love our lightweight bikes,” says Mutt’s Alex Burgess, “but sometimes we like to add our stamp and build bigger machines, too. This opportunity presented itself when Maidstone Harley-Davidson approached us to build a series of stripped-down bikes.

Neat touches help keep the classic Harley look

Harley-Davidson delivered the Iron 883 here at our Mutt headquarters, completely stock with its big comfy seat, long sensible fenders and standard colour-scheme, so it was time for us to do it up Mutt-style.

“First things first with this build was stripping the bike to ensure it left us with a blank canvas, so off came the tank, bodywork and stock pipes. The standard tank was swapped for a narrower lower profile aluminium tank that still retains the look of the Sportster defining tank but gives the bike a much leaner look.

“The back end was slammed with short shocks, the rear fender struts were removed, and a new smaller tailpiece added to give the rear end a smoothed outlook. Wide Firestone rubber carries the Mutt vibe through this bike along with the low Biltwell bars and Motogadget grips and concealed M-Blaze indicators. Lastly the factory exhausts were switched for free-flowing blacked out custom pipes.”

The Mutt is full of custom extras

The bike is now up for sale at £13,995 at Maidstone Harley-Davidson. That’s a £5k premium over a standard Iron, but for some the price of individuality will be worth it.

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