How safe is your kit?

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Nearly half of us don't put safety at the top of the list when we are buying new leathers according to a survey of 1000 riders carried out by insurance giant Carole Nash.

While some riders check for the CE approved stamp on gloves, jackets etc, the survey found that only 53% consider crash protection when they're buying leathers, while 26% don't worry about getting kit that fits properly.


The research seems to prove that a chunk of bikers are also misinformed with what the safety regulations are. While the recommendation for riding boot thickness is 2mm, 19% believe it to be lower; 12% of women would select the 1mm and 1.5mm options, compared to 10% of men.

1 in 3 men do not wear recommended safety equipment

32% of men and quarter of women confess to not wearing the right gear. And when considering headgear, 7% replace their helmets after about the 10-years mark; the recommendation being every five years. However, 3% did change their helmets within the 5-year period.

Karen Cole, Safety and Training Director at the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), commented: “When riders are looking for a new helmet or safety clothing, it makes sense to tap into the expertise of a local dealer. Dealers will have staff who can advise about fit and the best performing products to suit the customer’s budget.”

Karen also recommends that riders stay as visible as possible to other road users and potentially consider new products, such as personal airbags.

How often do you change your helmet?

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