Yamaha commit to three-wheelers

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Yamaha have purchased Brudeli, manufacturers of the Leanster 654L and 625L, in a bid to strengthen their three-wheeled portfolio. We know what you’re thinking: who on earth are Brudeli? Brudeli were set up in 2001 and specialise in leaning three-wheelers.

They presented their first concept at EICMA in 2005 and went on to produce the 654 Leanster, which was powered by a KTM 690 SMC engine. Much like a Yamaha Niken, it had two wheels at the front with a drive wheel at the back and was capable of 45° of lean.


Unlike the Niken, which uses two sets of twin USD forks, the Brudeli used two transverse bars on top of each other attached to a pair of shocks. This meant that you as you turned the Brudeli, the centre of gravity moved too, making it easy to lean and subsequently right the vehicle. It’s this patent that Yamaha sought to gain by buying the firm.

“I see this as an incredible honour that Yamaha have decided to acquire this technology that we started to develop here in Norway,” says Geir Brudeli inventor and owner of Brudeli Tech Holding AS. “Knowing the competence, knowledge and passion of Yamaha it will be exciting to see their future products.”

What exactly Yamaha intend to do with Brudeli remains a mystery. It could be that they plan to incorporate the technology in future three-wheelers. It could also be that they envision three wheelers to be such a huge success, so they’re buying up patents to prevent others such as Honda getting in the on game. Only time will tell.

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