Motorcycle travel page launched in conjunction with Bike Shed

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A partnership has been founded between travel platform Worthy Travelers and The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club to create a unique online hub curating some of the world’s best two-wheeled experiences.

The events include riding a vintage Ural motorcycle around north west Vietnam and a trip through Cuba with the son of Che Guevara, Ernesto, on Harley-Davidsons

The web page, which is accesible through either or, was created around a year ago by the Founder of Worthy Travelers, David Zilberberg, and the Owner of the Bike Shed, Dutch.

A ride on the wild side in Nepal!

A post shared by Worthy Travelers (@worthytravelers) on Nov 1, 2017 at 6:35am PDT

Currently hosting over 15 trips across the globe, the pair devised the project after a number of holiday companies approached the Bike Shed with the hope of some business promotion. 

Zilberberg is a frequent visitor to the Shoreditch-based store and was already in the industry, working on holidays for a variety of thrill seekers, and so - after a meeting over coffee - they decided to team up.

Once David has assessed each company to be safe and enjoyable for a paying customer, he then refers them to the Bike Shed team, to be added to the list of holidays available.

Unique experiences in over 30 countries

“Worthy Travelers is a platform offering unique experiences in over 30 countries worldwide. We work with travel experts who have a major passion for what they do," David Zilberberg said.

"We list trips that echoe our values: ‘disconnected from the crowds, connected to the destination'. Our partnership with The Bike Shed will start with a selection of over 15 bucket list worthy experiences."

"Everything is curated"

"Everything is curated. We don't just list things on there. Although we are not liable in any way, we want to make sure people have a good experience," Bike Shed's Dutch said.

"David was already curating these really cool adventure activity holidays and a lot of his stuff was motorbike-related. His offices are based around the corner and he comes here quite a lot.

"We thought wouldn't it be amazing if all your bike-related holidays were available on one page and we were able to curate it!"

Alongside amazing experiences, some of the packages available offer perks for Bike Shed members, such as a slight reduction in price, or access to a larger motorcycle during your adventure. This is not guaranteed though. 

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