Illegal ride out leader jailed for public stunts

A leader of a ride-out has been jailed for 15 months after being located via an Instagram account.

According to reports, Ben Nelms, 27, was among over 60 motorbike and quad bike riders who "brought terror" to Bedford in July 2017.

Ben Nelms

As well as the prison sentence, Nelms also received a driving ban of 18 months to begin upon his release after he admitted causing a public nuisance.

The ‘Stunt Squad’ wore disguises and removed their number plates before bringing “terror” to Bedford and the surrounding villages according to Prosecutor, Alison Ginn.

As reported by the BBC, Ginn told the court, "They rode en-masse, on public roads, on pavements, performed wheelies and rode with no hands on the handle bars.

"Other drivers were caused to stop. They rode at pedestrians and some surrounded cars and kicked them. Some of the cars had children inside. They performed this in front of police cars."

Judge Michael Kay QC, sentencing on Friday, told him the ride-out was "plainly meant to be a challenge to the establishment and police.

"The simple message needs to go out if you take part in ride-outs then you will go to prison," he added.


Police launched an investigation supported by the Digital Media Identification team to identify the riders and managed to extract files from Nelms’ phone to identify his involvement.

“We are pleased that Nelms pleaded guilty, and is now the second person sentenced to prison for the nuisance ride out last year,” said PC Adam Horseman.

“Hopefully this case will serve as a warning to those who think it’s acceptable to use their motorbikes and off-road bikes to cause a nuisance to the local community.

“Our force is committed to tackling nuisance bikers. We will continue to crack down on this type of anti-social behaviour, and encourage the public to report any information to us.”

Caine Davis, 20, of Stuart Road, Kempston, was jailed for 30 weeks and given a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order in March for his involvement in the same event.

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