Sarolea leads electric motorbike charge

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Sarolea’s 161bhp Manx7 Limited promises to be the lightest electric superbike you can buy.

Derived from their TT-Zero racebike, which set a best lap of 108.064mph with Dean Harrison in 2017 and with a claimed weight of 217kg, it also destroys the perception that all electric bikes are excessively heavy. 

The Sarolea Manx7 is over 40kg lighter than an Energica Ego, widely renowned as the market leader, and is within 20kg of its petrol counterparts.

Light is right

The Belgian brand, who were revived by engineer Torsten Robbens, are owned by a composites firm and it isn’t a surprise that carbon fibre is featured throughout as a means to keep weight down. Like the racer, there is carbon-fibre bodywork, a carbon monocoque chassis and a carbon-fibre swingarm.

The machine carries over a number of the TT racer’s quirks, too. The chain is adjusted by changing the position of the motor rather than the rear wheel, for example.

The swingarm is also one of the highlights of the bike with the footrest mounted through the swingarm with cutouts in the arm allowing it to pivot.

On the racer, they hang down in a conventional style, but we like this unique design touch. If you’re wondering where the rear brake is, it’s where the clutch would be on a petrol bike.

Stunning torque

The power figures are stunning. Sarolea construct their own motors, which have just one moving part: the rotor. They claim 161bhp from the motor and a stunning 332ftlb of torque, which like all electric motors delivers a flat rate of torque as soon as its rotor starts to move.

As long as you can get that power to the ground, performance should be stunning. Tests have shown the bike to be capable of 0-62mph in 3 seconds with a top speed that is restricted to 150mph.

Current thinking

There are three options for battery packs, with 14, 18 and 22 kWh options with an ascending purchase price. With the 14kWh battery, there is a claimed range of 145miles, raising to 175 and 200 miles. The cheapest option still costs £42,500 though, meaning appeal will be limited. But we can all dream.

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Matt Wildee

By Matt Wildee

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