Suzuki join forces with Team GB athlete Declan Brooks

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Suzuki are joining forces with Team GB athlete and BMX freestyle star Declan Brooks. The 21-year-old completed his CBT on a Suzuki GSX-S125 and will combine his training for the 2020 Japanese Olympic games with riding his motorbike.

Brooks was brought up in a motorbiking family and tried dirt bikes as a youngster but has mostly stuck with bikes of the pedal variety until now.


“My family have always owned and raced motorcycles so doing my CBT and then getting my license was something I always wanted to do,” said Brooks.

“My dad’s two-wheel mad; he got me into riding BMX, and now I’m getting on a motorbike it’ll please him too.”

Declan Brooks completing his CBT

Brooks believes his BMX background has helped him to pick up riding a motorbike quickly.

“I was actually surprised at myself and how quickly I got to grips with it, I guess riding on two wheels every day helped in a way. I’m now really looking forward to riding around on my GSX-S125 and building my experience before doing my full test.”

Having won many awards and competitions in BMX freestyle - most recently at the Night Harvest event in South Africa - he will now focus his attention on the Olympics in the hope of winning a gold medal.

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