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If you are in the market for a new bike this year, Honda have some pretty interesting deals tucked away in a corner of their website. You have to do a bit of digging, but under the offers section you can uncover a few 0% PCP plans – one that even extends to the Fireblade! And the best bit is that while it is stated as applying to 2017 models, the 2018 versions are unchanged aside from a few colour options.

Going sporty?

If you want a new Blade, follow the link marked ‘offers’ at the top of the bike’s homepage and you will discover Honda are offering 2-years 0% finance on a PCP offer. So after a £3701.23 deposit, you can ride away on a Blade for £139 a month for a 25-month period interest-free. Afterwards you can either pay the £8731.75 final payment, or hand the bike back. And it gets better, surprisingly the Blade SP is also on the same 2-year 0% deal. You can get an SP for just £10 more a month at £149! The deposit is £4183.64 and final payment £12,010.28.


Ready to commute?

Honda’s CBR650F and CB650F are on even better deals – 0% over 3-years! That’s right, you pay no interest on a PCP plan that extends over 36-months. The CBR650F costs £65 a month (£1650 deposit and £3479.11 final payment) while the CB650F is also £65 a month (£1650 deposit and £2798.84 final payment).

Not keen on PCP? What about buying a used Fireblade?

Last year Honda’s Blade celebrated its 25th birthday, so there are lots of generations to pick from. MCN have searched through the classifieds on MCN Bikes for Sale to pick out our favourite used examples to highlight a few choice generations:

Ok, it’s not one of the original generations, or the ‘foxeye’ update, but prices for the bigger capacity 918.5cc are remarkably low. There are quite a few 1996/7 or the tweaked 1998/99 models (which featured an updated chassis, new fairing and a bit more power) around, with prices starting at just £2500, making them the bargain early Blades.


A radical revision in 2000 saw an all-new Blade emerge that even had a 17-inch front wheel. Prices for early models start at £3000, but really you want the updated 2002/3 954cc bike, which will cost you in the region of £3500-£4500.


A new litre capacity and underseat pipe look with a chassis based on Honda’s RC211V MotoGP bike made this generation of Blade pretty special. Sadly short-lived, the second generation 2006/07 model is the one to go for. Prices start at £4500.


A stubby look, low-slung exhaust and new motor marks this generation out as the foundations that the current Blade is based on. A long-serving model, it was updated over the years, but mainly only very slightly. The best looking is the 2012-onwards, which also gained an LCD dash and updated wheels and suspension, but the earlier bikes are the bargains. Older-style bikes go from £4500 while the newer look one’s prices start at £7000. Unless you want an SP, which arrived in 2014 and will still set you back around £8000.


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