Do you need MCN’s Riding Clinic?

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Have you got a riding problem? Are you feeling uncomfortable going around right-handers? Or maybe it’s lefts? Not sure how to overtake safely, read the road ahead, or brake effectively into corners? You need the MCN Riding Clinic.

Our new feature makes you the star each week, as we help you to get more from your riding, and more from your bike. We’ll pair you up with one of our expert advanced riding instructors for half a day of top-notch assessment and guidance – making you a better, faster, safer rider. Everyone on the MCN team goes through the same advanced training on a regular basis, so this isn’t just aimed at new riders – we all have room for improvement.

Our next few sessions will be focussing on emergency stops, countersteering, group riding and manual manoeuvring. Do you have difficulties in any of these areas? Do you want some expert tuition? If so read on.

You’ll need to arrive at MCN’s offices in Peterborough on your own bike, all fuelled and ready to go – at which point we’ll pair you up with one of advanced trainers, who will assess your current riding ability, then give you invaluable instruction on how to improve your skills. You’ll be guided through the whole experience one-on-one, and will then appear in MCN in our new Riding Clinic section, so that other riders can benefit from what you’ve learnt.

It could be the most valuable half-day of your biking year.

The first of our sessions will take place on Wednesday 9 May and Thursday 10 May, with one morning session, and one afternoon session – each catering for one MCN reader. If you want that person to be you – contact Ali Silcox no later than Monday 7 May at noon with your name, what bike you ride and the area you most need work on.

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