BMW ready for Brexit

New head of BMW promises UK customers won’t notice change.

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Markus Schramm, the new Director of BMW Motorrad, has assured MCN that UK supplies of BMW motorcycles and parts will be unaffected by the impending implementation of Brexit; even if at the end of the negotiations there’s a no-deal scenario.

“In terms of logistics, in the case of a no-deal scenario there will be no impact. We have it completely under control,” says Schramm. “As usual in every market supply and demand defines the prices and if the whole industry decides to hold their prices we cannot step out of this. We need the UK as part of the European market and to avoid a no-deal scenario. We are prepared, but I hope that it will not come to this.”


His insight and confidence comes from his other roles he’s held within the business. “I was in charge of the group strategy previously and the day after the referendum, I built a taskforce within BMW to look at Brexit. We are very well prepared within the group for all scenarios, including renting logistical spaces, even if we don’t need them, to provide clear transparency about the supply chain. We are instructing and teaching suppliers to be prepared, but at the end of the day, I think it may all be for love. I still believe the politicians are intellectual enough to work it out.”

MCN's Jordan Gibbons grills Markus Schramm...

MCN's Jordan Gibbons grills Markus Schramm...

Despite the political instability of Europe currently, Schramm is positive about their current sales and future model development. “We are on target for an eighth year of growth, but we’ve certainly had a difficult year this time because the timing brought us new models at the end of the year. We are leaders in some segments and markets, but it’s my goal to become a leader in all segments and all markets.

“We showed for more than a second time when entering a new segment we can be successful. We are clearly looking and focusing in Asia, but also the US market where we do not just want to sit and watch how big the cruiser segment is.”

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