Michelin reveal gripping new range for 2020

2020 Michelin tyres pushed on track
2020 Michelin tyres pushed on track

Michelin have just rolled out a raft of new road and track tyre options for 2020, covering everything from track-only slicks to year-round road rubber, complete with a new tread pattern.

The Michelin Power 5 is aimed at fast road riders who want good grip in all conditions. There’s also a Power GP, aimed at those who tackle the occasional trackday, while the Power Cup is meant mainly for the track, and the Power Slick which is not approved for road use.

Michelin Power GP road and trackday tyre

The newly-designed tyres use Michelin’s trademark mix of silica and carbon black and mark the firm’s 130th anniversary.

There’s also a new, all-silica Commander III Cruiser and Commander III Touring tyre. Both are aimed at going the distance while providing grip no matter what the weather may throw at man and machine.

Michelin Commander III cruiser tyre

There’s even a new tyre aimed at scooters, the Michelin City Grip. A new compound and ‘shark’s tooth’ tread pattern are aimed at mastering all road types year-round.

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