Bike Shed Festival set for Lydden Hill

Crowds watching at the first Cafe Racer Cup
Crowds watching at the first Cafe Racer Cup

A new biking festival, run by the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, is set to take place at Lydden Hill in October, allowing retro enthusiasts to experience both on-track and off-road action.

Spawned off the back of the success of their first Café Racer Cup, which took place at the circuit last year, the Shoreditch venue have modified the event to now also include a variety of other classes, including 125s, carbed sportsbikes and supermotos.

Run from October 4-6, also included is The Commuter Cup category, which is open to riders in hi vis on bikes with panniers and top boxes. Overtakes must be made with indication, or the place yielded.

The event is primarily designed for those who have little to no trackday experience and have never considered racing, riders will be split into groups according to their lap times during practice, recorded via transponders.

Those wanting off-road action are also catered for by Malle London, who will host 'The Malle Trials' comprising of a series of races on inappropriate machinery up the grassy hill beside the track.

Run as a weekend festival, pitches are available for tents, as well as showers and washing facilities. Glamping is also available, with tickets available through the Bike Shed Festival website.

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