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A new safety scheme will see 13,000 free helmet tags given away in a bid to save bikers’ lives. 

MedicAlert and Biker Down have joined forces to give away thousands of the tags to UK riders. The tags provide the biker's emergency medical information to a paramedic if they are involved in an accident.

MedicAlert, a national medical information charity, and Biker Down, an emergency first aid course for bikers provided by fire and rescue services across the UK, have created an emergency medical information helmet tag that provides a link to MedicAlert’s service which holds the bikers’ full medical record online. If a rider is involved in an accident, paramedics can instantly access critical medical information detailed within the tag.

The tags will be given away at many top UK bike events, such as BSB meetings, but you can also order one for free (although you will be required to send an SAE) by visiting:

"MedicAlert UK is very pleased to support this excellent Fire and Rescue Service initiative," said Kirsten Giles, CEO of MedicAlert UK. "Early, appropriate medical treatment in emergency situations can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of outcomes. Bikers with medical conditions will be better protected with the helmet tag."

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