Over 60 people upgrade their lid with Bike Stop campaign

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Stevenage-based clothing retailer, Bike Stop, saw more than 60 people swap their old motorcycle helmets for a discount on a new one as part of their latest trade-in campaign.

The clothing retailer offered customers 20% off a new helmet throughout last month when they handed over a five-year-old model (with a receipt to prove it).

If you couldn’t prove your helmet’s age or your current lid was under the five year mark, you could still trade it in for a 15% discount on a new one. If you were in the market for an AGV Pista GP-R – Gran Premio, for example, a five-year-old helmet with receipt would’ve been worth almost £180.

“There are plenty of people out there who don’t realise the importance of wearing a helmet that meets the highest modern safety standards,” says Martin Brown, Director of Bike Stop.

“This is the second time we’ve ran our helmet trade-in campaign, and this year we exceeded the previous number of trade-ins we had. Campaigns like ours help to raise safety awareness and keep more riders protected while out on the road,” he added.

Research conducted by insurance firm, Carole Nash, suggests that 40% of UK motorcyclists are using a helmet that is more than five-years-old. Even more worryingly, 63% of riders wear a helmet that has been dropped.


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By Ben Clarke

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