Super Soco unveils electric Ducati collaboration plus new commuter

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Britain’s best-selling electric bike company, Super Soco, have signed a deal to produce the first electric Ducati outside of their MIG-RR E-MTB, produced by Thok, but it’s not quite what you might imagine.

Super Soco will be selling a Ducati branded version of their existing CUx scooter. Ducati have been using CUxs as paddock scooters at the MotoGP, so now you’ll be able to say you ride the same bike as Dovi and Petrucci, except it will have cost just £2299.

The co-brand comes at an interesting time for Ducati, with parent company Audi saying that all of their brands will have to have an electric offering. With Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali already admitting that the firm is looking at making an electric motorcycle, this is their first toe in the water.

Speaking about the idea of developing an electric motorcycle earlier this year, Ducati’s Head of Innovation, Pierluigi Zampieri, said: “Being a company that is usually state of the art, we could arrive (with a product) that’s state of the art or even better than all of our competitors.

“The problem is: is now the right moment? It’s a small market and we’re still trying to understand when it’ll be ready for such innovation.”

This was added to by Super Soco spokesman, Andy Fenwick, who said: “We’re very excited to launch this special Ducati version of our CUx moped, a stunning representation of the Italian brand and helps to add even more credibility to the Soco range.

“The standard version has already been incredibly popular since its launch only two months ago so we’re looking forward to giving riders the chance to purchase this limited edition version.”

Super Soco TC Max

Super Soco TC Max

The firm, which accounts largely for the huge 225% increase in electric scooter sales in the UK in the first four months of 2019, compared to last year have also unveiled their most powerful bike to date: the TC Max.

It’s viewed as the electric equivalent to a 125cc scooter, with its 72-volt lithium ion battery giving it a top speed of 60 mph and a range of 80 miles.

Better yet, the battery is removable for easy charging and it takes just four and a half hours to charge fully.

Unlike many of the other electric bikes on the market, the Super Soco range are aimed at commuters so they’re very well priced.

The TC Max costs just £3999 with the £1500 government grant applied at the point of sale. Existing models can be had for as little as £2099, which helps explain why the company has dominated the small electric bike market in the UK since 2017 when Super Soco started importing the bikes from China.

The firm is going all out in 2019 with 25 UK dealers now on board. Richard Jordan, who founded Super Soco in the UK in 2017, said: “We were the first electric motorcycle brand to sell over 100 machines in a year in the UK.

“More and more people, both existing riders and non-motorcyclists, are seeing the benefits of electric powered machines and with two new models arriving this year we’re looking forward to more people joining the eco-friendly revolution!”

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