Heat up your Royal Enfield 650 with S&S kit

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Tuning specialists S&S have worked their magic on Royal Enfield’s 650 twins, turning them from retro rumblers to burbling brutes.

The Indian-built roadsters have proved hugely popular since going on sale earlier this year, regularly topping sales charts and have only been outsold overall by the all-conquering BMW GS.

We love their retro charm as well as their keen prices but, like with most new bikes out there, we also wished for a bit less weight and a bit more power. Thankfully, the men from Milwaukee have come to the rescue.

The most appealing bit for most of us will be the tapered cone slip-on silencers. Made from brushed stainless steel, these use a high flow catalytic converter that helps move air faster as well as making the whole set-up lighter.

S&S slip-on exhaust for Royal Enfield 650 models

So much so that it weighs less than half that of the original end can (4.9kg) and flows so freely it boosts power in the midrange by 13.5%. There’s also a removeable baffle in case you love/hate your neighbours.

And if those gains aren’t enough, S&S have also created a washable hi-flow air filter, which increases air flow to the injectors by 12%. And if you want even more, there’s a cover eliminator that boosts airflow by almost double.

To keep your engine even happier, S&S can also supply a Power Commander kit to make the most of all this new found oxygen. Inside the engine S&S have developed their own high performance camshaft, which increases valve lift while also keeping them open for longer (duration).

The result is an engine that builds power earlier in the rev range and holds it all the way to the redline. If you really know what you’re doing, you can even adjust the timing to suit how you want the bike to feel.

If you want more still from your 650 S&S have also created a pair of hi-compression pistons that boost the compression from 9.5:1 to a whopping 11:1.

S&S big-bore kit for Royal Enfield 650 models

But if you want the absolute ultimate from your 650 then why keep it a 650 at all? Why not fit S&S’s 750cc or even 865cc big bore kit? Naturally you’ll want to pair one of those with the race clutch kit if you want to have any hope of sending that power to the ground.

Prices are still to be finalised but expect to pay £520 for the exhaust, £150 for the camshaft kit and £490 for the 865cc big bore kit.

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