Guy Martin sets new UK speed record en route to 300mph!

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Guy Martin set a new UK speed record of 270.965mph over a measured mile from a standing start last week – and now has his sights set on a world record of 300mph!

The record was set aboard a specially-prepared, 830bhp Suzuki Hayabusa in the Straightliners event at Elvington near York on Tuesday, September 10. The streamlined, tuned and turbocharged machine was prepared by Jarrod ‘Jack’ Frost, a long-time collaborator of Guy and fellow speed freak.

"Guy had a go on my bike a few years ago and said ‘Once I’ve finished with my other stuff, I’d like to have a crack at this," Frost told MCN. "He brought me a stock Hayabusa and I’ve worked on it to get it up to speed.

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"He was made up to do 270mph but now he wants more. In the end we stopped for wind but it was really all in his head. If he can get past that, he can do it easily."

For the full details of Guy's bike as well as the inside info on his record attempt, grab the latest issue of MCN available at all good newsagents and supermarkets.

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