Super Soco announce 10% discount for all key workers during Coronavirus outbreak

Riding the Super Soco TC Max
Riding the Super Soco TC Max

Small-capacity electric motorbike manufacturer, Super Soco have this morning announced they will be offering a 10% discount to all key workers during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

The offer is valid across Super Soco’s entire range, which consists of the; TC, TC Max, CPX, CUX and TSX. All are electric and many can be ridden on a car licence, providing the purchaser passed their test before 2001.

Each Super Soco bike uses rechargeable batteries that are removable with carry handles. This means they can be charged from a three-pin socket in your home, garage or place of work. With no need to stop for fuel or find a public charging station, Super Soco claim this allows users to be ‘both self-contained and self-sufficient’ during the virus outbreak.

“Since the UK went into lockdown, we have been amazed at how many key workers have come forward to say they are using their Super Soco motorcycles for their commute,” Andy Fenwick, of Super Soco UK, said in a statement.

“We’ve made new sales to numerous doctors and other key workers and look forward to helping keep them on the road and working. Our affordable machines are a great way to maintain social distance whilst travelling, and with the roads being quieter than ever it is the perfect time to enjoy all the benefits that riding electric motorcycles brings.”

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Fenwick’s comments were added to by Aniko Deierl, a Consultant Neonatologist at Imperial College, London, who purchased a Super Soco TC Max for her commute.

“I live in Harrow and work at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington, in neonatal intensive care,” she said. “My Super Soco has halved the time of my commute, and the smooth ride gives me 20 minutes to think at the beginning and end of the day. 

Aniko Deierl commutes by Super Soco TC Max

“If I wasn’t on the Super Soco I’d likely be on the train or driving, both of which involve significantly greater risks of Coronavirus transmission. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Super Soco to other key workers.”

With public transport now running reduced services in many areas, purchasing an affordable electric motorcycle could prove to be the ideal social distancing tool – with the reduced volume of traffic on the roads also allowing for some alone time at the start and end of each working day. 

The deal is available through participating dealers, which include Whatever Wheels, Blackburn, MotoUK, Staffordshire and Discount Motoring, Glasgow.

Midland Scooters, in Nottingham, will also be taking part, however anyone wishing to purchase a bike from them should call Andy Fenwick at Super Soco on +44 7971 287295. He will then arrange everything with the dealership.

MCN will bring you the full list of participating dealerships as soon as it becomes available.

Discounts on other electric motorbikes

Super Soco TSx

Urban eBikes, in London, are also taking part in the Super Soco initiative, however have gone one further and are offering 10% off their entire ebike, cargo bike, electric scooter and motorcycle range to key workers.

So, if a Super Soco doesn’t tickle your pickle, you could also get a discount on various Peugeots, NIUs, Artisans, Riejus and more. 

To take advantage of the offer, key workers must head to the eBikes website and fill out a form confirming their job role. Should it meet the criteria, a discount code will be supplied for any of the included vehicles and accessories.

To help comply with social distancing regulations, the fully-registered bike can then be delivered to your home. Simple.

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

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