Nippy Normans reimagine BMW R18 as all-conquering super tourer

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After the unveiling of the R18, BMW parts specialist Nippy Normans started wondering: what if that hulking great engine wasn’t just confined to powering a cruiser?

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What if it could power a tech-laden super tourer based on BMW’s most popular model: the R1250GS? So for a bit of fun, after a few glasses of sherry and some mince pies, this is what they came up with.

As the name implies, the R1800GS would be powered by the 1802cc air-cooled lump from the new R18. Unlike the R18, however, the motor in the GS would be tuned for power rather than torque, although there would likely still be a lot of shove on tap and just like the R18 most of it would be available from just 2000rpm.

Nippy Normans think you could squeeze 140bhp out of the big boxer with a more performance-orientated tune. The only downside to fitting the whopper R18 motor in a GS would be the weight – 280kg wouldn’t be unrealistic.

In the R1800GS, Nippy Normans envisage the distinctive trellis frame of the current R1250GS, as well as the telelever and paralever suspension. They also imagine there would be two versions – a sportier version with cast wheels, perhaps closer to the R1250RS and an off-road version more akin to the R1250GS Adventure.

BMW R18 GS render

Like you might imagine with a super tourer, Nippy Normans think an R18-powered GS would be fully loaded with all the latest and greatest tech. That means adaptive LED headlights that swivel around corners, heated seats and grips for maximum comfort and all the modes you can imagine.

There would be some old-school loveliness too like a titanium Akrapovic pipe as well as practical additions such as bash plates, crash bars and a set of Wunderlich wind deflectors for the ultimate in weather protected cruising.

No tourer is complete without luggage, so unlike the current R18 which is bare bones, the R1800GS would be capable of hauling a full set of three-piece luggage plus an extra person to help you fill it.

There is one downside to all this though – the price. Although there’s absolutely no suggestion that BMW will create such a beast, if they did it would likely be the most expensive GS ever. Anyone got a spare £30,000 tucked down the back of the sofa?