Range of Buell WSB, IOM TT and Macau bikes for sale

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Ten Buell racing motorbikes and other inventory from the firm’s final days in World Superbike and road racing have gone up for sale. The EB1190 models are being sold by NCCR in Sweden who ran the Erik Buell Racing (EBR) team between 2009-2011 under the Pegasus Race Team banner.

Included in the sale are WSB, Isle of Man TT and Macau spec machines with prices starting at around £30,000 or £38,500 for the WSB bikes.

“We hold strong relations to Buell/EBR racers worldwide as we also develop our own race parts and do race track support,” Jens Krüper of NCCR told MCN. “So, it was kind of logical that Splitlath Motorsport (the original owners) made a deal with us.

“All the bikes are race ready and NCCR will set them up according to the personal needs of the new owner. That can also include a ‘disarming’ and remapping of the WSB in case the new owner wants to use the bike in club sport or for trackdays.

Ex-Niccolo Canepa Buell WSB machine for sale

“These WSB bikes are the only ones in existence worldwide. The RS bikes all also have a race history, so they are 100% unique.”

NCCR want the bikes to go to active riders who will use them on track, or at the very least in some parade laps rather than becoming lounge ornaments and they expect buyers to want plenty of spares.

John Dimbylow of Splitlath Motorsport added: “We are very proud of what we achieved with Erik Buell, but the bikes were just gathering dust and I decided that they would have a better life with owners who would use them or cherish them in a better way than I could.

“I really didn’t want any of the equipment to go, particularly the bikes as I had formed such an affinity with the brand and the guys at East Troy, it was such a pleasure to work with them and to be part of the development of such incredible pioneering machinery.”

You can see the bikes for sale on the NCCR Sweden website.

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