The new modular helmet from SHARK Helmets offers ultimate travel convenience

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New modular SHARK lid
New modular SHARK lid

Whilst Covid-19 may have put a pause on our #ride5000miles campaign, motorcyclists are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With UK lockdown restrictions slowly being lifted but all social distancing enforcements still in place, there has never been a more suitable to travel on two wheels - and what better excuse do you need to treat yourself to a new helmet, ready to continue your #ride5000miles challenge this summer?

Thankfully, #ride5000miles sponsor, SHARK Helmets, has recently launched a brand-new modular helmet for 2020 - the EVO-ES - offering you the best of both worlds from a dual-homologated helmet.

Modular SHARK helmet

Whether you’re a motorcycle tourer or commuting on two wheels, this flip-front helmet provides both versatility and comfort for any ride. Being dual-homologated, the EVO-ES can be worn legally and safely as an open-face helmet, but swiftly transforms back into a full-face helmet when you need it. Its latch reliability scored a 100% SHARP rating, meaning the faceguard remained fully locked in 100% of impacts during testing so you can be assured you’re well protected.

Building on the success of the EVO range, transitioning from a full-face to open helmet in one swift and easy motion thanks to its patented "Auto-up / Auto-down" system, meaning the visor automatically lifts when the rider raises or lowers the chin guard, so you can conveniently open or close the helmet without even thinking about it and all with one hand.

Unlike the flip-front helmets on the market, the SHARK Helmets EVO-ES has been designed with both the full-face and open-face shape in mind with both variations providing an aerodynamic shape. When the chin bar is locked into the open position, the design seamlessly blends in with the rest of the helmet, so it doesn’t typically look like it’s resting on top of the helmet. The aerodynamics of the helmet are optimised by means of computational fluid dynamics design studies. Not just for racing helmets, this technology allows the helmet to be shaped in a way that will minimise sound and maximise stability, making for a much more comfortable ride.

SHARK helmet of modular design

Making life even more comfortable when on the road, the EVO-ES features an integrated anti-scratch sun visor, and the new VZ 150 visor has an effective anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment built-in. It also features SHARK’s Easy Fit system, making it comfortable to wear glasses, and secures using a microlock buckle system.

There are plenty of vents, keeping you cool in the summer months - a chin vent and two large scoops on the top of the helmet, as well as two exhaust vents in the rear spoiler to draw out all the hot air. The removable and washable interior is a welcome benefit when things heat up too.

The EVO-ES is available from just £269.99 - now that's a price you can't afford to ignore.

SHARK lid with modular configuration

Want more information? The Lowes brothers are here to help with their EVO-ES unboxing video, check it out here.

See the full SHARK Helmets lineup or find your local authorised SHARK Helmets dealer visit, or call 01425 478936.

A rider with a modular SHARK helmet

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