Honda step back in time: New CB-F Concept takes the CB1000R back to the '80s

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Honda have worked a little ’80s magic on the CB1000R and brought us this: the CB-F Concept. It’s based on the CB900F (the original – not the recent Hornet), which itself was attempting to capitalise on Honda’s success with endurance racing.

Being a CB1000R based concept, the CB-F shares the same 998cc inline four that pumps out an impressive 141bhp. The motor itself is virtually untouched, however the machining on the side of the cylinders has been skipped so looks a bit more retro and it now breathes through a classic single-piece stainless end can.

Honda have also chucked the radiator shrouds, which aims to resemble the original machine as that was air-cooled. It also shares the same steel mainframe as the 1000, but the footrest hangers have been blacked out. The swingarm, wheels and suspension have also been lifted directly from the 1000. Where it get really exciting, though, is the bodywork.

The CB-F has a new, hand-crafted tank that closely resembles the style of the original 900. The subframe and side panels have also been specially created for this bike, echoing that close fit square-edged fairing style of the original machine.

Honda CB-F concept front LED light

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There’s also a custom one-piece seat unit, with two tone textures to ape the original machine and the lights are LED throughout.

This includes a halo style front light and a nifty tail light, while there are also double horns fitted to the yokes – a cute reminder of the popular ’80s machine. The controls are the same although the grips are from Rizoma, while the dash is a simple TFT affair.

There’s no word from Honda on the ultimate goal of this machine, although they’ve been heavy on the CB based concepts since the machine’s inception.

This is the first one from Japan however, with the CB4, Interceptor and Flat Tracker all previously coming from the Rome R&D Centre where the standard bike was designed. Could this mean there’s something a bit ’80s on the way to the showroom? Fingers crossed.