Triumph launch SOS app that calls you an ambulance if you crash

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Triumph have launched an accident detection system that turns your smartphone into an SOS lifeline in the event of a crash.

Triumph SOS uses the sensors in your smartphone to detect an accident. You then have 30 seconds to cancel the alert if it is a false alarm before emergency services attempt to call you.

If you fail to respond or confirm that you need an ambulance, the emergency services can send one to your exact GPS location.

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The system also includes an ‘auto-pause’ function so that you don’t trigger an emergency response every time you drop your phone. Triumph say they have been through a rigorous testing procedure to prove that false alarms are rare and that’s why the system can contact the emergency services directly.

The best part is that you don’t even have to ride a Triumph to use the app. Because the system relies fully on the technology in your smartphone rather than the bike, anyone who rides can use it.

Triumph SOS launches on April 15, 2021 on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Triumph owners can sign up for three months free, after which it will cost £3.99 per month for a memberhip.

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