Shock treatment: JvBMoto customise Harley-Davidson LiveWire

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German customiser JvBMoto has turned his hand to the Harley-Davidson LiveWire after falling in love with one on a test ride.

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The result is something truly special with smatterings of carbon fibre and tweaked bodywork giving the electric naked a much more conventional style.

"I don’t think that electric bikes will save the world," says Jens vom Brauck, founder of JvBMoto. "I understand all the discussions about eco friendliness and range but I think it’s complicated and not perfect yet.

"All I know is that this bike is so much fun! It just makes you smile all the time and shows that the future of motorcycling can still be really enjoyable."

JvBMoto custom Harley-Davidson LiveWire rear

Jens was keen that his custom LiveWire would still be a road-going machine and that none of its riding characteristics would be spoiled for the sake of change, so no hubless wheels or ridiculous seats.

Instead he concentrated on a cleaner design with some café racer influences. Most of the new parts are made from carbon fibre, including the front mudguard, internal wheel covers, ‘engine’ air scoops, headlight nacelle and headlight housing.

The tail section has been extended and is also a new one-piece carbon fibre unit. The ‘fuel tank’ area has a new cover although that’s made from fibreglass as in Jens’ own words "carbon touching high voltage cables seems not to be the best idea...".

Jens also treated the machine to new controls, including new levers, footpegs and grips. The last modification was for performance, with a new rear shock from Sport Evolution – an ex-Moto2 team who have started to produce their own suspension range.

JvBMoto custom Harley-Davidson LiveWire left side

"I don’t think the LiveWire will ever replace a big engine with its sound and vibration, but it’s a thrilling sensation on its own," adds Jens. "Electric motorcycles have a lot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages.

"Not better nor worse, just very different from other bikes. I like that. It’s exciting! It brings some fresh energy into the biking experience. Something truly new. Nothing to be afraid of, just a new flavour."

There are no plans for customer kits, which are what JvBMoto specialise, instead they will offer a small series of modified bikes for order.

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