Wider, quieter, smoother… the Evolution of Atlas

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On the 26 March Ruroc are launching their new Atlas 3.0 range in 16 incredible designs inspired by different countries, centuries, and universes. Are you a Brute or Savage? Or are you more of a Spitfire?

The Atlas 3.0 is a complete redesign of their best-selling helmet: better vision, improved aerodynamics and only 30 seconds to switch out one of their 9 coloured wraparound visors. (I could have done with that during the MCN Visor Challenge in Lockdown #1.)

Ruroc’s mission is to create quality helmets to enhance head protection in the most extreme environments. These don’t only look incredible, they’re safer than ever. You only need to worry about your Lockdown hair blocking your view of the road, the Atlas 3.0 has one of the largest field-of-views on the market with the edge-to-edge visor.

Made from top notch materials, like the carbon fibre shell and the polyamide/polyester comfort liner, it comes in at only 1.4kg, so you won’t be straining your neck to keep your head upright.

The new seal, the removal of the visor cover and locking pin has improved aerodynamics and reduced wind noise, so, no need to panic when you inevitably lose an ear plug during a tea break. And don’t worry, you won’t be misting up the visor with your morning breath, there is a polycarbonate locker for the Pinlock and a demist position if you’re not a fan.

Every Atlas 3.0 helmet is compatible with Ruroc’s Shockwave Bluetooth audio system. Magnetic easy install and plug and play, albeit sold separately.

Sexy, sleek, and safe, and I’m not just talking about the rider. The Atlas 3.0 is the must-have lid for anyone wanting security without forfeiting style.

To find out more visit: https://www.ruroc.com/en_gb/atlas-3-teaser. Plus, every launch day order will get a free Founders Edition t-shirt! Follow us on Instagram, search Ruroc and keep your eyes peeled for the launch.