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50. Cal – Heavy duty style and function
50. Cal – Heavy duty style and function

Bikers rev up your engines! Ruroc – the team behind the incredible Atlas helmets – have launched Enginehawk, the clothing brand that blends safety without sacrificing style.

With 13 insane jackets they have choices to suit everyone, whether you’re a fan of a hood (Predator) or something you can wear to the bar not just the bike (Hawkeye). 

Their mission is “to save lives, on and off the bike and make kick ass gear”, so they’ve taken the best engineering minds from motorsports and combined them with the most creative designers and garment technicians from the fashion industry. No longer will you have to forfeit style for CE approved apparel, Enginehawk pass CE and CA certifications and are made with materials that are abrasion and tear resistant. They even partner with SAS-TEC to create world-leading armour protection.

Enginehawk and Ruroc develop gear for riders and with riders and they want your feedback. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and send them your photos, videos and comments. We want need to hear from you.

Visit Enginehawk to order your new jacket. Which one will you pick?

Enginehawk: The Revolution Begins.

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