JD and poke: Indian use Jack Daniel's special to launch new tech

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Indian have unveiled a Jack Daniel's limited-edition Challenger Dark Horse that is so much more than a fancy paintjob.

The new bike brings with it a host of top-notch brand-new tech. Oh and it comes with a free rug. What more could you want?

First up let’s get the paint out of the way. Each of the 107 bikes comes with 'Rye Metallic' paint with gold and green accents applied by Klock Werks Kustom Cycles as well as a JD Montana Silversmiths badge, engraved rider and passenger footboards, and a leather JD stitched seat.

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Special finishes on the engine add to the quality

But where the bike gets interesting is the tech. For a start this is no bike for shrinking violets as the special edition comes with Indian’s top-notch upgraded sound system, Powerband Audio, which includes better fairing speakers and added pannier speakers for a 50% boost in noise.

Next up comes the fancy adaptive lighting system, which now has 15 individual LED lenses that adjust in real-time to bike lean angle while the full adaptive full beam shines bright whether you’re upright heading straight ahead of banked over in a turn.

But most impressive is the Fox electronic suspension, which can adjust the preload electronically from the RideCommand system in the dash.

Just tell the computer there’s a passenger and roughly how much they weigh (some awkward questions required) and the bike does the rest.

Chances are this is not the last we will have heard of this new tech – expect it to appear as an option on standard machines in the coming months.

The price for all this tech and limited edition bike? £33,395. But even at that price you’ll have to be quick as only a handful are coming to the UK.

Oh and like we said, each one comes with a free co-branded bike mat adorned with the bikes corresponding number.

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