Shoei lift lid on new kit: We get our hands on production-ready X-SPR Pro

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Shoei have released a new FIM-homologated racing helmet to meet the latest, more stringent ECE 22.06 safety regulations.   

Called the X-SPR Pro, MCN got its hands on the first production unit in the UK for a full test, with customer lids expected to arrive in showrooms at the end of September. 

The Pro takes over from the firm’s outgoing X-Spirit 3 design, which has been used, abused, and developed by the likes of eight-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez, but only met the outgoing ECE 22.05 rules. 

Close-up of FIM-homologated tag

According to Shoei, the new helmet has an aerodynamic design to keep the wearer’s head stable at speeds in excess of 217mph – a useful feature in grand prix racing, but unlikely to be put to the test on your next trackday. 

To help keep the rider tucked in at such high speed, Shoei have increased the upper field of view for the rider – having made more than 150 shell shape changes during wind tunnel developments in pursuit of greater aerodynamic efficiency.  

Keeping the helmet secure on a rider’s head at that speed has also been considered, with reworked cheek pads offering a claimed 16.5% increase in contact with the face. They are also fully adjustable for a more bespoke fit.  

Close up of back of the Shoei X SPR

Elsewhere, in the event of a crash, a new locking mechanism works to prevent the visor opening during an impact. The Pinlock-ready visor’s seal is designed to be more secure than previous models, keeping out more wind and rain at speed.  

Other features include a hydration system, with the first available colours being gloss white, gloss black, and matt black. Shoei have yet to announce the retail price/availability.