MCE to launch a new way to insure your motorcycle

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MCE Insurance will launch a revolutionary Subscribe and Ride service for UK bikers next year that will cut motorcycle insurance costs.

Customers pay setup fee of £25, then a monthly subscription of £5 plus an agreed cost-per-mile for the amount they ride.

The setup fee includes the cost of the MileMate – a 50p sized device that counts miles ridden that links to an app which calculates the customer’s monthly cost for cover when on the road.

MCE insurance

Alan Atkins, MCE CEO, said: “The team have been working incredibly hard over the last few months to create something the likes of which no one has seen before, an insurance product that gives flexibility, great prices and customer led control.

“I’d like to personally thank our partners Sabre Insurance, Ice InsureTech and Inzura for working with us on this fantastic product.

“We know it’s different and people might be afraid to try it but all I’ll say is, sign up and when we go live, get yourself a quote – it might well change your motorcycling life.”

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