New plan for E-bikes: Government’s decarbonisation plan looks at bikes

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The Government has launched an action plan that it’s hoped will help realise the potential electric motorcycles and scooters offer for reducing emissions and congestion.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have been working with specialists Zemo Partnership since they were tasked by the Government to find out what needed to be done to increase the use of smaller electric vehicles. The MCIA has now presented its recommendations.

“Traditionally, powered two-wheelers and other types of PLVs have often been absent from national and local policy due to an underappreciation or lack of awareness of their potential benefits to the environment,” says MCIA chief, Tony Campbell.

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“The launch of this Action Plan is a landmark for our sector, and we look forward to continuing our work with the Government and industry to ensure the full and proper implementation of the Plan’s recommendations.”

The measures that the MCIA have recommended are broad and far reaching, covering everything from ensuring that licensing laws keep up with the evolution of new electric bikes to building a UK based supply chain to help lower costs.

The MCIA has also requested a review of the current grant and incentivisation structure, after its recent gutting, having seen how successful it’s been for other segments.