Metzeler get adventurous: new tyre sizes mean more touring options

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Metzeler have revealed two new adventure bike tyres for 2022 – the road-biased Tourance Next 2 and the mud-plugging Karoo 4.

The second-generation Tourance is designed for riders covering long distances, both on their own and with a pillion. Available as a 19in and 21in front, plus a 17in and 18in rear, they are said to offer agile, neutral handling and stop a claimed 1.5m shorter than the older Tourance Next rubber.

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Metzeler also claim that their choice of tread patterns and compounds makes life more manageable with a pillion or luggage. Already a great tyre for road-biased adventure – the changes should only make them better.

The Karoo 4 is a knobbly tyre designed for adventure bikes and larger enduro machines. Like the Tourance, they’re available in 19in and 21in fronts and 17in and 18in rears.

Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE (left) Karoo 4 (centre) and Tourance Next 2 (right) tyres

The fourth-generation Karoo uses a new tread pattern, said to increase its performance both on tarmac and off-road – with particular attention paid to wet weather performance. They’re also claimed to be more impressive on soft surfaces like sand, mud and clay.

Alongside these models, Metzeler have also announced new adventure-sized versions of the Sportec M9 RR and Roadtec 01 SE tyres, previously only available in 17in fitments.

The M9 RR is now available in 120/70 – 19 and 170/60 – 17 and the Roadtec comes in 110/80 – 19, 120/70 – 19, 150/70 – 17 and 170/60 – 17.