No hybrids from BMW confirmed in exclusive interview

Dr Alexander Wehr revealed the news to MCN
Dr Alexander Wehr revealed the news to MCN

BMW’s Vice President of Customer, Brand, and Sales says there is no plan for the German firm to pursue hybrid motorcycles, instead focusing on internal combustion and electrification.

“The hybrid solution has always been an important step, but it has always been an in-between step,” Dr Alexander Wehr told MCN. “We can see on the car side that the trend is towards fully electric.

“On motorcycles there is no upside of a hybrid drivetrain, if you can have an electric drivetrain,” the BMW man continued. “We will keep pursuing both internal combustion engines and electric, and they both fit very well – not only to scooters but to motorcycles.”

BMW have already taken strides towards an electric future, releasing the £11,700 CE 04 maxi scooter earlier this year. In the same interview, Wehr also promised a new electric drivetrain every 18 to 24 months – with
the 120kg, 14.8bhp CE 02 urban concept also released last September.

“I think we’re very prepared for the future, but we don’t need to push for something,” he continued.

BMW’s stance comes at a time when Bosch are also backing plans to install 4000 hydrogen filling stations by 2030.