SIZZAPP is a smart security and tracking solution designed with love by bikers for bikers

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Statistics reveal the unpleasant truth that motorcycle thefts are seven times more likely to happen than any other road vehicle theft. According to the British Motorcyclist Foundation, a motorcycle gets stolen every 13 minutes in the UK. Unfortunately, it continues to grow not only in the UK but all around the world.

SIZZAPP offers you to know what is happening with your motorcycle right now, wherever you are.

SIZZAPP is a smart security and tracking solution designed with love by bikers for bikers.
With SIZZAPP you can be sure that your motorcycle is safe and receive additional features that will make your riding experience even more exciting.

SIZZAPP is an all in one motorcycle tracker and rider’s mate.

​From alerting you to any movement of your bike while you’re away, to saving your latest routes, monitoring your speed, checking battery level and maintenance reminders – SIZZAPP covers everything.

SIZZAPP connects people with their vehicles and connects vehicle owners to each other, building a community. The community you share your rides with, get useful tips, and simply travel together!

There are no key fobs- everything is controlled from the app, and installing the SIZZAPP device takes 30 seconds – just attach it to your battery terminals. 

All of that in your pocket in one easy to install device connected to your phone.

​And there is no monthly cost, no contracts and no SIM card to purchase – just the one off cost of purchasing the product.

To find out more about this product and to buy one for yourself visit their product site

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