HEX GS-911 is the tool for BMW Bikes you didn’t know you needed


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Whether you like it or not, motorcycles are increasingly more electronic which can make understanding what is going on inside your bike when the brake light doesn’t work (for example) pretty complex. This becomes even more of a pain and expense if you have few garages in your area with BMW Motorrad experience.

Thankfully, HEX Innovate has come up with a fail-safe solution called the HEX GS-911 which gives enthusiasts and professionals the freedom to independently check the health of their bikes, perform daignostic checks, read and clear fault codes, reset service reminders (lights), view live data, activate outputs, and more. The GS-911 is the essential, portable diagnostic tool for any BMW motorcycle owner giving you insight into what’s going on inside your motorcycle from any smartphone or laptop.

Hex GS-911 tool in use

Currently it is the only diagnostic tool that scans your bike’s health in just one click- referred to as an “autoscan”. To date, the GS-911 community has performed 1,261,628 autoscans and reset 435,832 service reminders in 170 countries. A GS-911 offers adventure riders the assurance that they’ll be able to resolve any issues and continue the journey which is why 2RideTheWorld have been “carrying a GS-911 for every mile of their trip since 2004” (when the GS-911 was still a prototype).

What the Hex GS-911 can do

The GS-911 supports all fuel-injected BMW models since 1999. To find out more about this product visit their product site hexgs911.com. Not sure which product is right for your bike? HEX has a VIN Decoder which will tell you with certainty which GS-911 to buy.

Hex GS-911 tool

About HEX Innovate

Inspired by a passion for motorcycles in 2005, HEX Innovate set up its UK offices in 2016. You may know them by their revolutionary smart accessory manager called the HEX ezCAN – a highly configurable, seamless plug-and-play solution to add accessories to your bike without the need to cut any wires that could void your warranty!

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