Medi-bike for war in Ukraine: Ex-NHS BMW R1200RT heads to the frontline

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A former NHS motorcycle is the target of a fundraising campaign that hopes to deliver the bike to Ukraine’s frontline.

A JustGiving page has been launched from the unlikely headquarters of The Pot Place, a garden centre near Penrith, co-owned by Paul Thomas. They need £12,500 to purchase the motorcycle and an ambulance to take to Lviv.

“We felt like everybody when the invasion began – very angry, and thinking what we could do, so we started taking aid in our own van to Poland,” explained Paul. “We came across people who had started to take ex-NHS ambulances to Ukraine as they had lost so many in the early weeks of the invasion and we thought we could, too.”

The team attempting to raise funds for a former NHS BMW for Ukraine

The Pot Plant team delivered their first ambulance in April. On the way home they discovered the target of their latest campaign.

“We came across the bike on eBay,” said Paul. “We sent a message to Ukraine to see if it would be of use and they said ‘absolutely’ so we started fundraising.”

The bike is a fully equipped 2014 BMW R1200RT, which was featured on Channel 5 docu-series – Emergency Bikers.

Former NHS BMW R1200RT

Half of the £12,500 has been raised towards the bike and ambulance with the aim being to deliver them early next year.

Paul said: “So far we have not had a sponsor for any of the things we have done but if anybody wants to help, that would be great.”

To donate, visit the JustGiving page.