Royal Enfield return to the UK with fresh distribution network

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Royal Enfield is coming back to the UK, cutting ties with MotoGB, and establishing their own distribution network to strengthen retailer and customer relations.  

Launching their first bike in the UK back in 1901 but now owned by Eicher Motors in India, Royal Enfield UK Ltd will now manage sales and dealer relationships from May 1, 2023.

The move ends a nine-year long partnership Chorley-based MotoGB who also cater for the likes of Italjet, Benelli, Lambretta, and more.  

Arun Gopal, Head of Royal Enfield’s European Business Markets, spoke to MCN ahead of the official announcement and said: “We have a fantastic business model working with distributors. It’s done really well for us.  

“But as we scale up operations – and in the UK this year we’ve been a clear number one in the midsized motorcycle segment for the first time outside of India – so [this is] for us to really strengthen that position. 

“And, number two, it’s for us to have a better idea of what’s really happening in the market. It’s very critical for Royal Enfield to be managing operations directly to one country in Europe,” the Enfield boss continued. 

“Customer motorcycle usages are quite common across this entire region and… I strongly believe there should be at least one market where we should be directly involved with dealers and customers.”

He added: “It helps us get feedback quicker, it helps us respond to market requirements more quickly.” 

The new Ltd company will also undertake marketing, warranty service, after sales and customer care responsibilities.  

Gopal added: “We’ve got products that are really delivering well for us and we’ve got so much more we can bring to the market, but I think it’s important Royal Enfield as an organisation understands this market first hand.

“There can’t be a better market than the UK to be doing that because this is where is all began.”