Litelok's angle-grinder resistant lock you can put in your rucksack

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Security specialists Litelock say their new X1 Moto D-lock offers the perfect combination – maximum strength in a compact, lightweight and portable design.

The X1 has been engineered to withstand lock picking and, more importantly, attacks from mechanical devices.

With the increasing availability of small, powerful portable power tools, the angle grinder has become the tool of choice for hardcore thieves but the X1 has the answer in the form of a ceramic composite called Barronium that is fused onto the hardened fine grain, high-tensile steel core.

Litelok claim that Barronium resists angle grinder attack by turning the grinder’s energy and force in on itself so quickly wearing down or breaking grinder discs.

As such, the company claim the X1 can resist an angle grinder attack far longer than its leading competitors. It can also resist other commonly used tools such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers and chisels.

Additionally the X1 integrates an ART4-certified lock mechanism to provide picking protection which, Litelok claim, is rattle-free, thanks to precision engineering of the internal mechanism.

All this is wrapped up in a lock weighing just 1.7kg and is claimed to offer at least double the performance of the most heavy-duty chains yet is easily carried in a rucksack, stored in panniers or strapped to a luggage rack.

The X1 has been certified by security product testing organisation Sold Secure at its Motorcycle Diamond level – awarded to devices that offer the highest level of theft resistance, including from the use of specialist tools.

Better still, the X1 is coated in a soft plant-based eco-rubber outer that protects fairings and wheels from scratches and adds an extra layer of protection.

Other features include a unique anti-rotation feature to protect against twisting attacks and single cut attacks.

Plus there is an innovative self-sealing silicone keyhole cover which means riders don’t have to remember to open or close the keyhole protector to keep out dirt, dust and moisture and is corrosion resistant.

The X1 is finished with quartz white retro-reflective vinyl strips along the lock shackle and on the Xs at each end.

The internal dimensions of the X1 are 101 x 196mm inches and retails for £149.99.

The X1 adds to the company’s motorcycle-specific security device line-up alongside the One Moto, Go Moto and the Core Moto – a flexible click-and-lock strap that is up to 50% lighter than a chain while offering comparable protection.

Available in three colours – orange, red and black – and two lengths – 125cm or 150cm – the Core features a patented steel exoskeleton and a high tensile core joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body.

It has been awarded the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold level and scores a three-star ART rating. The Core also features a click-to-lock system to make it easy and fast to secure your bike and weighs in at 2.9kg for the Core 125 and 3.4kg for the 150.

The Core 125 costs £179.99 when bought separately but is available with a 15% discount when purchased along with the X1 from