Riding the evolution of electric: Power into the future with intelligent, responsive, smooth electric drive.

Paid partnership with T&D


You may not have heard of T&D – and yet you might well have enjoyed testing some of their products at Motorcycle Live this year without knowing. The brand is aiming to be the powertrain of the future, with the firm being determined to play a major part in propelling motorcycles through the electric revolution. T&D offer something that no other electric powertrain parts manufacturer can: a complete system, comprised of motor, battery, controller, HMI and charger. What’s more, they have developed five different systems to suit a range of electric motorcycle types; off-road, moped/scooter, sports, touring, and indoor entertainment.

One-stop power solution

This capability sets the firm apart from those manufacturers who only concentrate on developing motors, controllers, or charging technology. T&D are pioneers in supplying a powertrain solution for others in the sector to partner with. Partners get far more than an integrated product with T&D, ensuring a responsive, detail-focused service on a project’s ecosystem from start to finish. They regard themselves as a ‘one-stop supply chain’; there isn’t a need to go elsewhere for other powertrain components. Intercompatibility of all parts is assured, and an exemplary after-sales model ensures ongoing technical support. The firm also recognise the constant march of technology and innovation, meaning they work with partner brands to allow for easily integrated tech upgrades in the future.

Decades of know-how.

But it’s the firm’s focus on quality, reliability, and inter-compatibility of the components, making them a one-stop shop backed up with proper customer service, that they believe singles them out and translates into a positive ownership experience for customers. And to help deliver that, they draw heavily on sister brand Bafang’s two decades of expertise in drive systems development for the e-bike sector. Quality, reliability, and longevity are all at the very core of their brand values. All components are engineered to high quality standards and are optimised for the specific usage scenario – there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. This enables seamless, harmonious performance of all the components during the ride, delivering a more enjoyable rider experience.

Riding the future

The very first public test rides of motorcycles equipped with T&D systems took place at this year’s Motorcycle Live at the NEC, with great success. As a result, T&D are now working with a range of motorcycle brands and developers looking for innovative, dependable, and affordable sources of motion. Their outlook is for the concept of electric motorcycles in all its forms to become widespread and for them to be the driving force behind it. High costs would therefore be detrimental to the cause. The future is clean, quick, smooth and smart, and T&D are certain that the way forward is electric. It’s time to switch on to a whole new motorbiking experience. Find out more at e-tiandi.com today.