Malle return to Margate for a weekend of inappropriate motorcycle sand racing

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Luxurious motorcycle luggage providers Malle will return to sands of Margate this May for a weekend of beach racing excitement.

The Malle Mile Beach Race 2023 will take place on May 13-14 2023 and invites riders of custom, classic and electric machinery to race head to head on the Kentish seafront – as well as enjoy live DJs, motorcycle polo and more.

“With all Malle events, it focuses on the pure fun of motorcycling, where all riders are encouraged to bring ever wilder and more inappropriate machines,” Malle Co-Founder and Beach Race Marshall Robert Nightingale told MCN. “No one is expected to win, and we all lose and party together all weekend, celebrating and elevating the humble motorcycle.”

Electric dirt bike doing a wheelie on a beach

Alongside the races, Robert and his team monitor the environmental impact of the festival, using local experts to ensure it does no harm.

“We also take the environmental aspect of the beach race very seriously, working closely with the council,” he explained. “We’ve employed marine biologists to study the beach, the sands and the surrounding area to ensure the event has a positive impact and leaves only smiles, footprints and tyre prints on the sand.

“More and more of our racers are bringing electric race machines, which is really exciting to see too,” Nightingale added. “Whenever you bring a passionate community together to create something unique and fun, people can’t help but join in and the final dance parties at the end of the beach race weekend are always full of racers and locals partying side by side, simply brought together by two wheels.”

Cornering on a beach race on the sand

It is said that 75% of the beach will be cordoned off for the race, with only two bikes taking part in the sprint at a time. Alongside this, 1000 free spectator tickets are also available on a first come, first served basis. Riders can also enter for the two days of racing for a reasonable £65.

“We visited many beaches around the country and Margate was the first town that got really excited by the concept,” Nightingale continued. “Margate is also the original town of the Mods and Rockers; it has real motorcycling history.

“One of the most interesting elements of the race is that the entire beach is under water at 7am [and] we rush all kit and bikes onto the beach once the tide ebbs away, host the race and then slowly the tide reclaims the beach, until the entire ‘race track’ is under water at high-tide.”

For more on the event and to sign up, visit the website.