Return of the Motocompo? As Icoma release the suitcase bike

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While most manufacturers were turning their electric vehicles up to 11 at this years Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Icoma brought a little fun to the proceedings the way only a Japanese company could.

The motorcycle in a suitcase – named the Tatamel – is an electric vehicle concept designed for the urban environment that packs some serious technological ingenuity.  

Weighing 50kg the portable bike features all the bells and whistles of a regular sized bike that neatly folds up into 690L x 690H x 260mm wide wheelable package.

When unfolded the dimensions jump to a length of 1230mm, a height of 1000mm and a width of 650mm.

At the heart of the tiny commuter is a 51.2V battery powering a 600w motor with a maximum output of 2000w, which will propel the Tatamel to almost 25mph and gives it a range of around 18 miles.

When arriving at the office the bike can be stored under a desk and recharged using domestic power supplies in just three hours, ready for the ride home.

Up front the bike sports a ten-inch wheel supported by telescopic forks while an electric scooter sized, 6.5-inch wheel provides the drive with a monoshock spring and damper system which Icoma say allows the Tatamel to ride over small steps.

When unfolding into riding mode a central upper flap pops up from the centre of the case to resemble a dash where two, LED indicators unfurl.

Behind this appears the handlebar set-up, unfolding separately from the indicator panel, and features all the controls of a regular bike – throttle and two brake levers with mechanically attached brake lines, a small information dial which could indicate speed and battery life, and even a rear-view mirror, all in place.

Up front is a square LED headlight while at the rear a horizontal LED light band includes the indicators and rear light.

The bike also features a USB port and can be used as a portable battery to power electric devices while camping.

Icoma plan to release the Tatamel later this year although no price or availability information has been released.