In the balance: New tech to help inexperienced riders unveiled

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Technology company Intellias have revealed a self-stabilising motorcycle system that aims to increase safety at low speeds.

The technology was on display at the recent CES event in Las Vegas and is aimed at scooters and smaller capacity motorcycles used by delivery riders as well as those available to rent from ‘shared services’ or in the tourism industry.

Although details remain scarce, the system uses sensors around the vehicle and calculates the degree and speed of the lean angle at speeds of 13mph and lower. The software then triggers the necessary counter movement of the handlebars to straighten and stabilise it in real time, meaning that it shouldn’t fall over.

Intellias video still claiming self-riding tech could be next

“The share of software is steadily increasing, not only in cars but also in motorbikes,” said Oleksandr Odukha, Vice President Automotive Delivery at Intellias.

“[We] offer software development expertise specifically for the new mobility. Here we have many years of experience and rely on robust software development processes. Self-stabilizing two-wheelers can contribute to making inner-city traffic safer and better by protecting vulnerable road users, such as scooter riders.”

So, what’s it for? Well, Intellias say the tech is for riding situations where the ‘focus is not on leisure but on functionality’. Think of the tourists who rent mopeds abroad with little or no riding experience, a Domino’s delivery rider armed only with a hastily acquired CBT certificate or a city commuter who’s signed up to an e-moped sharing service.

A still taken from an Intellias marketing video

The tech could also be useful for riders with disabilities or for those who have been in previous accidents to get back on two wheels, say the firm.

In the future, the tech could form part of an autonomous system that would allow a moped, scoter or motorbike to ride itself. So, you could use an app to hail a moped or scooter and it would ride itself to your location to pick you up. Handy.