Buells go to Barber: Three TT racing EBR 1190s donated to Vintage Motorcycle Museum

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Swedish Buell Specialist NCCR have announced a project to donate three EBR 1190 race bikes to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum with a raffle to win a 2013 race-ready bike.

The Splitlath Racing EBR 1190RS #93 – was raced from 2013 at the Isle of Man TT and Macau Grand Prix and is one of 100 items being raffled at the Bring the Bikes Home website.

“Barber Motorsport Park is an incredible American treasure, and represents George Barber’s supreme passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing,” said Buell founder and bike designer Erik Buell.

Buell machines on display at the Barber Museum

“I cannot express enough my gratitude that in the Barber Museum he has built the quintessential display of Buell and EBR motorcycles and memorabilia. Adding these EBR racers is the perfect topper, as the 1190 RS represents my decades awaited ultimate American superbike.

“John Dimbylow with Splitlath Motorsport and his riders did a tremendous job bringing it to these iconic races like the Macau GP and the Isle of Man”

A donation ceremony with Erik Buell and former road racer Mark Miller as guests of honour will be held at the Museum in Birmingham, Alabama on May 20 during MotoAmerica weekend.