Thousands of Royal Enfield enthusiasts take part in annual One Ride global event

A queue of Royal Enfields queued together
A queue of Royal Enfields queued together

Over 28,000 Royal Enfield owners across the world came together in celebration of the brand this past weekend, taking part in the firm’s annual One Ride event and raise awareness for their environmental charity partner, Treedom.   

First run back in 2011, the Indian firm encouraged owners across the globe to take part in a mass ride out on Sunday, September 17, with Derby-based Bob Minion selected as the UK’s flagship location – attracting 75 bikes for a 45-mile ride into the Peak District.

Following a spot of lunch at the Monsal Head hotel, Bakewell, overlooking the Headstone Viaduct, riders were treated to a presentation from Enfield UK Technology Centre (UKTC) development worker Dean Coxson, who discussed his 2021 trip to the South Pole on a Himalayan model.

Riders pose together on the Bob Minion ride

“It’s some journey for Enfield, if you go back five years to where we are now,” Country Manager George Cheeseman told MCN. “This is what we want to focus on – it’s the community, the dealers that have got us to where we are, and it’s the customers being fans.

“We want to get closer to them, and these events are the perfect times,” he continued. “It’s a thank you from us, but it’s a chance to hear what they’ve got to say and receive feedback. It’s great to just spend time and get closer to everybody.”

He added: “The One Ride is a global event, so there are people on this day on rides in Thailand, in America, in India, and we all ride. As a brand and as a community, I think that’s a great message.”

Four Royal Enfield motorcycles parked together

MCN attended the Bob Minion event and spoke to Derby-based Himalayan rider Mick Gather, who said: “You feel part of a community. The combination of riders has been good, and there’s been some good turns and scenery.

“I’d definitely come back. It’s in the calendar for the foreseeable future.”

This was added to by Audrey Parks, who was pillion on a Super Meteor 650, and told MCN: “It’s nice and relaxed and seems to be very well organised, and it seems to be running very smoothly.”

Also impressed with the day was Dealer Principle, Mark Minion, who had estimated 60 riders would turn up to the event.

Royal Enfield motorcycles parked in a carpark

“When we came back through Matlock and you could see all the bikes there, as a dealership it shows you that there’s a future in it,” he said. “We have Wednesday ride outs to Matlock or Ashbourne, and just have a bit of fun with the customers. You’re not always looking for a sale from everything, it’s more of a community.”

Looking ahead to next year, Mark went on: “We’ll look to do something on a similar vein, probably on a different route, maybe a different location. From a dealer point of view, to keep people engaged, you’ve got to try and make it better.”

The worldwide event was also to raise awareness for Royal Enfield’s charity partner, Treedom – who plant greenery on behalf of others across the planet.

“It’s something we already work across Europe on. Sustainability and being green is an important message for Royal Enfield,” Cheeseman added. “Treedom is a charity initiative about planting trees and reforestation and working on that.”

Head to to find out more about One Ride today.

One Ride 2023 highlights:

  • 420+ rides across the world
  • 223 European rides
  • 41 UK rides

Ride as one: Royal Enfield ride-out event details and how to take part

First published 13 September 2023 by Dan Sutherland

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield are encouraging owners across the globe to take part in a mass rideout on Sunday, September 17, as well as raise money and awareness for their environmental charity partner, Treedom. 

Dealerships across the UK are hosting a number of events, with Derby-based Bob Minion selected as this year’s flagship location.

The team will host a ride out into the Peak District, before stopping for lunch at the at the Monsal Head hotel, overlooking the Headstone viaduct. Riders taking part in that event will be joined by Dean Coxson from the brand’s UK Technology Centre (UKTC) who will be discussing his ride to the South Pole on a Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Scram 411 left side on the road

There will also be ride-outs starting from the following locations at 10am on the day:

  • Balmer Lawn – New Forest

You can find out more about the event at now.