Campaigners in Dorset hope to cut motorcycle accident numbers with specialist new signs

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Riders in the West Country are being given road safety messages on new sign posts as campaigners bid to cut down on accident rates.

Dedicated warning signs have been produced in a tie-up between the DocBike charity and the Dorset Road Safe Partnership.

“The brain isn’t designed to see small objects travelling towards it at speed, which puts motorcyclists at risk when other vehicles pull out unexpectedly in front of them at junctions,” said Intensive Care Consultant and Co-Founder of DocBike, Dr Ian Mew.

A new road safety sign in Dorset

“If you combine this with other road users not being used to looking out for other motorcyclists after the winter period, we can understand why this is such a dangerous time for motorcyclists.”

He continued: “A lot of time goes into reviewing data from previous motorcycle collisions to identify the areas of greatest risk.

“That is why you will only see our unique road signs placed in areas where we see repeated motorcycle collisions. If you are a motorcyclist and you see one of our road signs, just back off the throttle, let your speed drop off a little and be aware that someone might be about to pull out.”

Dorset road safety sign on 50mph road

The Dorset signs have been created using input from more than 2400 bikers, designed to help riders dragging their bike back out of the garage for the first time this year who could be a little rusty after a winter lay-off.

Two signs will be used, one saying: ‘Think bike!’ and another asking: ‘Have you been seen?’ Both signs will also tell road users that they are entering a collision hot spot. Visit the DocBike website for more.