Husqvarna double their warranty length for free on selected large-capacity models

Husqvarna Norden 901 entering a body of water
Husqvarna Norden 901 entering a body of water

Hot on the heels of the reveal of their Svartpilen 801 naked, Husqvarna have announced a free warranty extension across a number of their higher capacity road going machines.

Open to those purchasing a 2024 £12,899 Norden 901, £14,599 Norden 901 Expedition, and £10,499 Svartpilen 801 from an authorised dealership, the offer doubles the standard 24-month warranty to four years – provided servicing is carried according to the manufacturer’s stated schedule.

It’s also transferred to a new owner, should you sell your bike, with Husky also upping the warranty on parts and technical accessories on all street models to 24 months.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 801 power slide

“We always advise our customers to use the official Husqvarna Motorcycles network to get their motorcycles serviced, purely because the staff are trained on those particular models and use approved parts and accessories where applicable,” Husky’s Senior Head of Customer Service, Jens Tuma said.

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