South Yorkshire Police recover long lost Husqvarna enduro bike five years after it was stolen

Stolen white Husqvarana FE enduro bike recovered by South Yorkshire Police
Stolen white Husqvarana FE enduro bike recovered by South Yorkshire Police

A white Husqvarna enduro bike stolen back in 2019 has been recovered by South Yorkshire Police after officers were goaded – and one was assaulted – by a group of aggressive off-road riders.

Police were dealing with a collision between two cars in Rotherham when a group of off-road riders came across from nearby woodland and began provoking officers.

“They had come from Listerdale Woods giving it the beans across farmers’ fields,” the force said. “One of the riders showing off failed to negotiate a ditch. The officers at the collision attempted to detain the male, seeing the bike had no plate.”

According to the force, when officers were attempting to make the arrest, the rest of the group of riders began trying to run them over, with one of the team sustaining minor injuries.

A Husqvarna four stroke enduro bike similar to the one recovered at the scene by officers

Officers put out an emergency call for back-up which was answered by the South Yorkshire Police Motorcycle and Rural Crime Team, who were nearby and able to offer assistance. By this time, the rest of the group had ridden away – with the male rider who had failed to clear the obstacle now detained and held in the back of a police car.

A closer inspection of the Husqvarna revealed that both the VIN number and engine number had been ground off. The force later confirmed to MCN that the rightful owner has been informed, but the bike remains with police for examination.

The arrested rider has not yet been charged and remains on police bail.

The South Yorkshire team are no strangers to dealing with motorcycle related crime, having also recently stopped a 13-year-old riding a hot-wired Honda PCX125 scooter, carrying a plate rightfully belonging to a heavy goods vehicle.